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Can you see past your working years and into retirement? Do you know what your financial requirements are, or can you say that you have a clear idea of your income during those years? We don’t make predictions at Goodwin Porter Hétu (especially about the future , to quote Yogi Berra), but we will provide clear thinking to your financial planning challenges. We find many couples or individuals facing retirement to be quite anxious; unsure if they can afford to retire at all, or if so, when that might be. Should they take their pensions early, or delay? What about CPP – take it early, or later? How much tax will have to be paid on their RRSP income? And how does RRSP income work, anyway? These questions are common and to be expected. We can help you find peace of mind in the answering of these questions.

You may like us to prepare a comprehensive, tax-adjusted projection of income and expenses for 20 years into the future. Or, you may just want to know how your pensions is going to be taxed. We can help you understand and provide useful analysis so that you can rest assured that what you do today fits into what you plan to do next year, and the year after that, and so on.

We can also include your corporations in your financial plans. Using our specialist partners, we can ensure that even complex succession plans, family trusts, estate freezes, business sales and purchase, corporate restructuring and many more sophisticated planning services are considered, explained and available for you to take advantage of.

Whatever your challenge is, we can help you see clearly.

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