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Saying ‘Yes’ to be an executor is a simple thing. But for those who have ever been an Executor charged with winding up an estate, you know the challenges are many and varied.

Goodwin Porter Hétu excel in Estate tax and advisory services and we can provide the clear thinking needed in these often emotion-charged situations. The process is often long, but it doesn’t have to be painful. With our guidance on tax and filing compliance matters you will manage your estate trustee position with confidence.

We also provide services for those planning their estate when it comes to making sure that your wishes for your asset distribution are also tax efficient.  We look at all the factors, review your assets, provide education on future tax liabilities, help identify tax traps and then work with you and your legal counsel to ensure that your will accomplishes what you want it to in the simplest way possible.  To plan your estate, or review your existing will for tax efficiency, contact us to set up an appointment.