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    “A company expects their accountant to provide them with a continuing clear and concise financial report of their organization, accurately reflecting its income and expenses throughout the year. However, it is not just the numbers that must be correct – it is equally important for the information to be presented in a format that provides management, directors and shareholders a report that can be clearly understood.

    For the past 4 years, Duncan Goodwin has achieved this goal by preparing financial statements which are easily understood by all parties. In addition, his excellent presentation of those documents and clear responses to questions has gained him the trust and respect of those in attendance at our Annual General Meetings which he has been attending at our request.

    Duncan has demonstrated his commitment to us not only through the timely monthly accounting services he provides, but also by utilizing the knowledge gained from the financial data he prepares to keep us aware, in advance, of any potential monetary issues that might need our attention in the short or long term operation of our business. He would definitely be listed under the “Asset” column on our Professional Services Balance Sheet! “

    Dave J., Board Chair