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Personal. Business. Corporate. Estate. T1. T2. T3. You have a tax return to file? We can help. The Income Tax Act with related regulations runs 3,000 pages of small print. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has thousands of pages of guides and interpretations to help. You don’t have to read them all, but you are responsible for their content. That’s why you use Goodwin Porter Hétu. We consider your unique situation, how it relates to your overall objectives and show you what you need to know; what you have to do to stay compliant; and, importantly, how to pay the least amount of tax in your situation.

For individuals, we don’t just ‘do’ tax returns. Instead we consider your tax situation as a whole, which includes spouses, children, parents and other dependents – and help you file your tax information with the knowledge that you are taking advantage of every deduction possible. It is important to us, too, that we educate and inform you, as much as you wish, of changes and opportunities so that we can work together efficiently.

For sole proprietor business, we work with you to ensure that the information you keep track of is done in a way that keeps the year end reporting activity as stream-lined as possible. We guide and clearly explain how the tax rules work and how to organize your business to minimize tax burden and our fees!
For corporate business owners (or those with multiple corporations), our philosophy is the same: give clear, straightforward guidance while taking in the complexities of your business. In today’s complex business environment there are many areas where we can help you see clearly. The big picture is important in order to meet you long term goals and business objectives. But the details cannot be overlooked and we help you bring these elements together to give you peace of mind that the best is being done. However your business is structured, we can assist.

For Estate Trustees or Executors in addition to our advisory services (see below), we work with you to actually explain the tax rules so that you understand your responsibilities as a trustee/executor. You have a bigger and more complex task than you ever imagined and we give you peace of mind, knowing that the tax reporting work is in knowledgeable hands. Don’t delay in coming to see us, as there are many unique and time-sensitive tax options that can affect even the most ‘routine’ estate.