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Audits. Reviews. Special Reports. Are Funding Agencies, Government Ministries or Lenders asking for one of these? Are you a Not-for-Profit incorporated under legislation requiring an audit or review? Does your organization receive Government funding?

Clear thinking and straight answers are definitely needed when talking about this type of engagement. Goodwin Porter Hétu can help you understand what they mean and whether you need these services or not because these types of services are extensive and therefore costly. If your business needs these services, then you have to understand how they are performed and, importantly, how to structure your business processes and accounting to minimize the effort and cost associated with these services.

If you are a Not-For-Profit or Charitable organization, it is often a requirement to have this type of assurance work performed annually. With tight budgets and the desire to use every dollar towards the organization’s goals, it is critical that you have a clear understanding of what you need to do to reduce costs. In addition, as a director for an NFP organization, you will also be very concerned that you are protected personally from liability that may arise as a result of the organization’s work. We help you understand your responsibilities to the tax authorities and to think clearly about the financial affairs of your organization.

Through our partners in Porter Hétu, we can work with you to have audited or reviewed financial statements in a convenient, local, manner that meets your business or organization’s needs.

Whatever your reporting requirements may be, we can help. Contact us now.