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Accounting is more than bookkeeping. Accounting is recording your business activities in a way that is useful to you, as owner-manager, and useful to creditors, to tax authorities and to potential buyers of your business. At Goodwin Porter Hétu we believe a solid accounting framework saves you money, provides more accurate reporting and allows you to spend less time ‘catching up’ on your books while spending more time working on your business. Good Accounting is good business.

We also believe that no single approach to accounting fits all businesses and so while we standardize our processes for efficiency, we also make sure that accounting knows its place. If you only require bookkeeping sufficient to prepare your tax returns, then we do only as much as necessary to meet that limited objective. And we will help you understand the difference between what you think you need and what might be more appropriate in your circumstances. Whatever your accounting options, we help you see clearly. Contact us to find out more.